Why Buy From Us?

If you’re buying a Large Format Display or Interactive Touchscreen, you’re making a significant investment. For many of our customers, they’re not just investing the price of the screen - they may be counting on the Display to help them win business through their sales presentations, so it’s important they get it right. And to get it right, you need to be talking to the right supplier.

Customer Service.

First and foremost, both before and after the sale. Our staff are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about Displays, Touchscreens and Wireless Presentation Systems. We're here to make sure that...
  • You make the right choice of Display or Touchscreen.
  • You receive your product in good order.
  • That you're happy with our service so you'll buy from us again or recommend us to others.

  • Price.

    We're constantly checking our competitors and keeping our prices low. It's a big job, and our competitors don't let us know when they drop their prices, so we can't say we're always the cheapest. But if you find a product cheaper somewhere else, let us know and we'll jump through hoops to beat it.

    With Displaypoint, the price you pay is the price advertised. We won't charge you extra for paying by credit card. Always check our competitors' small print when comparing our prices.

    Industry Recognition.

    By being a leader in the Display and Touchscreen marketplace, and delivering a consistent quality of service to customers, DisplayPoint has obtained official 'Partner' status with most of the leading manufacturers in this industry. This status is not handed out lightly by Manufacturers so it's something we are very proud to hold.


    Our recommendations are not governed by how much money we stand to make by selling to you. You just get sound, honest advice and the display or Touchscreen that's the best fit for your needs.

    We're Established.

    Displaypoint.co.uk is one of the largest Displays and Touchscreen dealers in the UK, and is part of Dataflow IT Ltd (company registration number 3451101, DUNS number 536456619). Dataflow IT is well established and has a reputation as a quality IT solutions provider and hardware supplier. We're financially stable and will still be around to support you should your display or touchscreen have a problem a few years from now. If you buy from us, you can be confident that you're making a payment to a bonafide company and that you'll receive the goods you ordered.

    Many of today's internet based audio visual dealers are run by people working from home, with no employees or infrastructure. While these suppliers will normally provide you with the same products as we do, you won't get prompt support if your display breaks down while the supplier is on holiday or has left the office to carry out a demo. With Displaypoint you're assured of prompt, reliable service, all year round.

    If you have any questions about Displaypoint or Dataflow IT Ltd please contact us to discuss them. If for any reason you have a complaint about us, please don't keep it to yourself - contact us and we'll address your concerns promptly.