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An Touchscreen display is essentially a large format display with an input device layered on top that allows touch interaction in the same way that a smartphone or tablet does. They come in various sizes typically from 42 inch diagonal all the way to 84 inch with 4K UHD resolution. Think giant iPad! The touchscreen enables the user to interact with the display rather than using a mouse of touchpad.
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Looking for the latest in touchscreen technology?

The development in mobile technology has been a big game changer in education, especially since the development of the iPad launched in 2010. Touchscreen technology offers an intuitive child friendly user interface that that makes learning fun and effective. Software developed for specifically for education has created engaging ways of both teaching and assessing a child’s understanding.

Compared to interactive whiteboards and projectors a touchscreen offers a more vivid display with easier installation and longer life with no maintenance required. Over the next 5 years the majority of projector/interactive whiteboards will be replaced by interactive touch displays.

Interactive touchscreen also offers multiple touch input in most cases now 6 to 10 point touch dependant on the source PC, MAC, Android and the software you use. This offers a tactile and enhanced learning experience that encourages team working and collaboration from a young age.

Interactive screens are typically attached to a PC/laptop (or integrated hardware) enabling teachers to browse the internet, open documents, media and annotate over them using annotation software normally included free of charge. In most cases any historic content that you may have may immediately be used without any transfer or update required