Simple. Secure. Scalable.

VidyoCloud is a cloud based video conferencing solution that removes the complexity of video conferencing providing exceptional image quality, instant connectivity, and access from any location all at an affordable price.

Bring Your Own Device

VidyoCloud is a truly cross platform solution so whether you use Mac or Windows, desktop or laptop, iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet you can connect to VidyoCloud and start collaborating via the use of Vidyo NEO or Mobile applications.

Vidyo NEO for Desktop

Vidyo Neo is a powerful business-grade application for desktops and laptops that provides the most network resilient desktop video conferencing experience in the industry to Windows and Mac users.

Vidyo Neo offers a feature-rich and intuitive user experience that virtually eliminates multi-tasking and increases meeting effectiveness. Streamlined workflows make it even easier to connect with colleagues, customers, partners, clients, vendors, and patients.

Vidyo Mobile

The VidyoMobile app is simple to install and use.Join and host meetings from your smartphone or tablet running Android or Apple iOS with full functionality on both WiFi and 4G networks.

With the Tap-to-Join feature, just tap a conference link in any email, message, or appointment to join a conference. VidyoMobile users have full control over their layout and can choose which participants they want to view and can dynamically change between portrait and landscape orientations as well as preferred speaker and continuous presence modes.

Since multiple participants can share data in the conference at the same time, VidyoMobile offers a content dock where shared data may be previewed and selected or returned to the dock and hidden off screen, all with common iOS or Android gesture controls.

Scalable, Simple and Affordable

Unlike other Video Conferencing solutions, with VidyoCloud you only pay for the amount of users you need. The initial amount of users licences supplied with the hardware is 10 after that, if required, simply purchase the relevant number of additional user licences which are available on a 1, 2 or 3 year renewable basis.

Once you have purchased your Vidyo Kit option for your Huddle, Meeting or Conference Room and any additional VidyoCloud user licences your IT manager simply needs to set up the Master VidyoCloud Account. As soon as your IT manager adds a user to the account, they will be notified by email with all the relevant details they need. Once the user has installed the relevant desktop or mobile application they're good to go.

High Performance Video Collaboration


Reliable Performance

VidyoCloud sustains high quality conferences over links with variable bandwidth such as wireless and the public Internet. Using dynamic network adaptation, the video is continuously optimised to deliver the best quality possible at any given moment.

Highest Quality

With support for Ultra HD 4K resolution on a single display or 1080p resolution on dual display setup, you can share content without losing detail or see participants on multiparty video conferences in Full or Ultra HD resolution. Vidyo delivers industry leading video conferencing resolution.

Mutliparty Video

Vidyo’s routing core directs an optimised video stream to each video conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture, patented by Vidyo, conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone.

Secure Communications

Your conversations will always remain confidential with industry standard encryption and software that has been hardened inside and out. Vidyo is trusted by the most security conscious industries including healthcare, financial services, and the military.

No boundaries

VidyoCloud can easily support your team's collaboration needs whether you are video conferencing between meeting rooms within a large building or across the globe.


VidyoCloud provides a video conferencing solution that scales as your needs grow. Vidyo’s software based video routing architecture is exceedingly efficient. With the ability to scale from small to the largest enterprises without sacrificing quality or reliability.

What Hardware Do I Need?

In addition to the relevant number of user licences and either a Large Format Display or Touchscreen you will need the following hardware for your huddle, conference or meeting room. For simplicity these are available in various kit forms to cater for all room sizes and budgets.

VidyoRoom HD2 End Point

The powerful VidyoRoom HD-2 is the ideal system for team collaboration. Flexible in how it can display the video conference, depending on the set up in your huddle, meeting or conference room you can choose to display 4K Ultra HD video resolution on a single display with up to 8 participant tiles on screen ( 16 participants if you run at 1080p resolution) or 24 participant tiles (12 per screen) at 1080p resolution without sacrificing quality from remote participants or their content. The VidyoRoom HD2 has a compact form factor that is easy to install.
VidyoRoom HD-2 Specifications.

Conferencing Camera

Designed with a wide variety of conferencing setups in mind, they are dedicated cameras for professional conferencing use and a significant upgrade over the camera you find in the lid of your laptop.

Simple plug and play set up, conferencing cameras provide Full HD resolution, built in microphones, wide field of view and depending on the model the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera

VidyoCloud in Action

Hopefully by now you will have a good understanding of the VidyoCloud solution, but there's nothing better than seeing a product in action to fully appreciate how it works or can benefit you.

Like the sound of VidyoCloud, why not try it free for 7 days? Simply contact us to find out more.

Need To Know More?

If you like the look of VidyoCloud and what it can do for your Huddle, Meeting, Conference or Boardroom but would like to know more details, have specific questions or would like to arrange your 7 day free trial simply drop us an email or give us a call and we will discuss your requirements with you.