Flexible solutions for modern ways of working.

AMX by HARMAN has solutions that fit any space from the smallest huddle space to the most complex corporate boardroom

When it comes to standardising on cabled room solutions that provide the highest standards in aesthetics, design and simplicity of use, AMX is the system of choice.

AMX Connectivity, Control and Distribution

The Perfect Meeting

By combining products from the AMX ranges of Hydraport, Solecis and DXLink you can create a huddle space or meeting room that anyone can walk into, plug in their device and present on the connected Large Format Display or Interactive Touchscreen.

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Common applications for AMX

The Huddle Room

Huddle rooms are generally the room of choice for quick impromptu meetings that last around 15 minutes or so with meeting participants of up to 6 people.

The most common scenario in huddle room meetings is for a participant to show content from a laptop on a connected display in the room. With AMX its a simple as plugging a HDMI or VGA cable into your laptop, then start your presentation.

The Conference Room

Conference rooms are generally medium sized rooms that are suitable for up to 12 meeting participants. Important client and internal meetings are held in this type of room where a range of devices from smartphones to laptops, perhaps video conferencing are used both wired and wirelessly so it's vital the mix of connectivity and distribution options in the room are catered for but most of all be simple to use.

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is normally a large sized room that is suitable for up to 20 meeting participants.

Whether it's a senior management meeting or a presentation to a top client or partner, the events that occur in the boardroom are some of the most important . It's no surprise, then, that the entire boardroom space, even the technology, is designed to reinforce a company’s confidence and strength. That's why many FTSE 100 companies turn to AMX for their boardroom connectivity, control and distribution solutions.

Meet the AMX Architectural Product Range

AMX Hydraport Connection Port

The starting point of your AMX system, the AMX HydraPort Connection Port is a modular AV table box for connecting mobile devices to projectors or displays in a huddle, conference or boardroom. This sleek, flush-mount table box is typically installed in a huddle, conference or boardroom table, featuring a uniquely-designed lid that conveniently opens in both directions to provide a clean, unobtrusive look.

Just plug in your laptop or other mobile device into the pre-supplied cable, and you’re connected.

View AMX Hydraport Connection Ports.

AMX Hydraport Modules

No matter how you bring your content to the meeting room - via HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, VGA, USB or other popular formats - you have access to the cable or connection you need, whenever you need it. The AMX HydraPort Modules are simple, interchangeable modules which allows you to put together the exact future-proof configuration you need for your room.

Simply choose your modules, fit them into the Hydraport Connection Box and connect the module cables to an AMX solecis Multi-Format Switcher.

View AMX Hydraport Modules.

AMX Solecis Mutli-Format Switcher

The brains of the system. Connect the cable from your Hydraport HDMI, VGA, Ethernet or Mini DisplayPort module to the Solecis switcher. It will then send the input signal out via a HDMI output connection or for longer transmission distances via an Ethernet cable on to an AMX DXLink receiver.

View AMX Solecis Multi-Format Switcher.

AMX DXLink HDMI receiver Module

AMX DXLink HDMI Receiver Modules are perfect for receiving HDMI and control signals over long distances from a remote AMX transmitter device such as the Solecis Multi-Format Switcher.

Mount the low-profile DXLink Receiver behind a display or above a ceiling mounted projector and control it using the built in RS-232 or IR ports (optional accessories required). Plus monitor the connected display's settings, and send IR control signals back to the head end using the same twisted pair cable.

View AMX DXLink HDMI Receiver Module.

Complete Your AMX Room Solution

AMX Acendo Vibe Conferencing Soundbar with Camera

The AMX Acendo Vibe 5100 is an expertly designed web conferencing sound bar with integrated camera.

With Acendo Vibe's wide angle camera, integrated JBL speakers and far-field microphones, users can be sure everyone in the room is seen and heard clearly. HDMI, USB and Bluetooth connectivity support BYOD environments allowing you to connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the Vibe and then use your mobile device's video conferencing application.

View AMX Vibe Video Conferencing Soundbar with Camera.

AMX Acendo Book Scheduling Touch Panel

The AMX Acendo Book 10.1" Touch Panel is a standalone scheduling panel that integrates directly with popular room scheduling software like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar without additional system hardware requirements.

The user interface background color and built-in room availability bars change between red and green to show room availability so users can easily locate and book an available room directly from the panel and, if that room is currently booked, users can quickly locate the nearest available room or the next available time with ease.

View AMX Acendo Book.

Need To Know More?

If you like the look of AMX and what it can do for your Huddle, Meeting, Conference or Boardroom but are unsure of how to select the right products, simply drop us an email or give us a call and we will discuss your requirements with you to produce an AMX system tailored to your needs.