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With ClickShare, sharing what’s on your laptop or mobile device on a presentation screen is simple.

With a single click, you can transform a meeting into a complete sharing experience, bringing ideas, people and content together.

No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in.

The Clickshare Family

Barco ClickShare can be adapted to fit any meeting environment, from a single huddle room to a full scale conference or boardroom. There are four options on offer and additional Buttons available if needed.



1 Source On Screen
Up to 8 Simultaneous Connections
1 HDMI Output
HD Resolution (1920x1200)
AirPlay not supported
Peer-to-Peer Stand Alone Network Only
Single Screen Output



2 Sources Sharing On Screen
Up to 16 Simultaneous Connections
1 HDMI Output
HD Resolution (1920x1200)
AirPlay Mirroring for iOS Devices
Peer-to-Peer or Local Network Connection
Single Screen Output



Up to 8 Sources Sharing On Screen
Up to 64 Simultaneous Connections
4K DCI Resolution (4096 x 2160)
AirPlay Mirroring for iOS Devices
Peer-to-Peer or Local Network Connection
Dual Screen Output

How Does it Work?

No cables, no set-up, no waiting required.

To set up ClickShare for the first time simply connect the ClickShare base unit to your screen and pair each ClickShare Button to the base unit.

Now you’re ready to share!

Attach the ClickShare Button to the USB-port on your device or search for ClickShare via Airplay. Then just click the button to share your work in an instant.

Want to try ClickShare for yourself?

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Connect Any Device

Around 20 per cent of meetings that overrun do so because of problems with equipment, but sharing content with ClickShare couldn’t be easier. ClickShare can transport your content onto the meeting room screen or projector no matter what device you’re using, in just one click.

One of the most common devices used in meetings is the laptop, which can be linked with the USB-powered ClickShare Button, as well as Apple Airplay for MacBook enthusiasts.

Using a tablet or smartphone? No problem, a free app is available for iOS or Android mobile devices, and Airplay is also still available for Apple devices.

Collaboration, Simplifed

Simplicity is at the heart of the ClickShare philosophy, bringing people, content and ideas together with a single click.

Currently, there are more than 3 billion meetings every year, but 71 per cent of employees feel these meetings are not productive. Barco ClickShare encourages greater collaboration between clients and colleagues by providing a simple-to-use sharing tool, increasing your chance of meeting success.

With ClickShare you can share what’s on your laptop or mobile device without the need for cables, complicated set-up or software - simply insert the USB-powered ClickShare button or download the ClickShare app for iOS and Android.

By following this simple process, information from different departments or teams can be exchanged quickly so the next time one of your team has a ‘lightbulb moment’ they’ll be able to share their innovation, instantly.

Productivity Restored

With more collaboration comes greater productivity, and a better outcome for everyone taking part. Using ClickShare, up to four people can present across either one or two screens in a matter of seconds, so everyone can play an active role in every meeting.

From viewing documents on project financials side-by-side to comparing sales figures or design revisions with colleagues, ClickShare’s one-click button makes simultaneous sharing simple.

Pixel Perfect

Dazzle clients and colleagues alike by achieving an impressive 4K resolution during your next meeting using the advanced ClickShare CSE-800.

Offering dual-screen outputs via HDMI (4K), this premium product takes simplicity to a new level, delivering crystal clear images with a single touch of a button.


Save Time

Once initial set-up is complete, ClickShare can be connected to new devices instantly, so you won’t waste time battling with unreliable equipment.

With Clickshare it’s also quick and easy to switch between displays at any point during a meeting, so more people can collaborate on more content without all the fuss.


Save Money

No more costly cabling or pricey video switching hardware, with ClickShare you can use just one tool to share information from various devices, at the same time.

Requiring just a base unit and a USB-powered Button or app, ClickShare removes unnecessary costs to create a simplified solution that provides and instant sharing experience for everyone.



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